When you purchased Shellstock Tags Software, you were sent a VPL license file attached to an email.  The license file was made out to your company name, and contains the license key to activate your software.  Dot Matrix license files will only work with the Dot Matrix version of Shellstock Tags, and Laser license files will only work with the Laser version of the program.  You must first download and install the proper trial version of Shellstock Tags from www.shellstocktags.com before you can install the license.  Do not try to open or run the VPL file, since that might corrupt the file.

To install your license:

  1. Save the VPL file attached to your purchase confirmation email to your computer hard drive or desktop and remember the location.  *Do not try to open or run the VPL file*.
  2. Start your copy of Shellstock Tags and click the 'Install License' button in the trial window.
  3. Browse to where you saved the VPL file and select it, then click 'Open'.
    (It will replace the current trial VPL file installed with the program -- so be careful not to use the existing file in your Shellstock Tags program folder or you will get an error message.)
  4. A message will appear if the license installs successfully -- click OK.
  5. Click 'Try' and your registered version of Shellstock Tags will start.
    (Or, click 'Quit' and restart Shellstock Tags.)


The trial window will no longer appear when you start the software.  Keep a copy of
this license in a safe place in case you ever need to reinstall the software.