Windows XP, 7, 8, 10  and Vista.  On Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista the installation setup file must be Run as Administrator to install properly.

If you have trouble running the software or printing tags under Windows 8 or 10, try these steps:

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling Shellstock Tags:  Windows 10 might not be recognizing the background processes that Shellstock Tags needs to run.  By reinstalling Shellstock tags as Administrator under Windows 10, you will force Windows 10 to register these processes.

  • Try running Shellstock Tags as Administrator:  Right-click the icon for Shellstock Tags and choose 'Run as Administrator'.  You might have to provide your administrator login username and password.  See if you can print tags.  This should resolve any permission issues under Windows 10. To set the program to run as Administrator permanently, see the step below.

  • Try running Shellstock Tags in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode: Right-click the icon for Shellstock Tags and click "Properties'.  Click the 'Compatibility' tab.  If you see a button for 'Change settings for all users' click that.  Check the box for 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and select Windows 7.  Check the box under Privilege Level or Settings  for 'Run this program as an administrator'.  Click OK.  This should correct any compatibility issues with Windows 10.