We do not provide phone support at this time, unless a support ticket has been submitted with a callback number, and we decide a call to you is warranted.

To get support for Shellstock Tags software, whether it is pre-sales questions, installation questions, license questions or questions on how to set up or run the software, you must first look in the solutions provided here.  If you do not see a solution for the problem you are having, you must submit a support ticket with as much detail as you can provide about the issue you are having here: https://shellstocktags.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

Please be prepared to provide the operating system of your computer, the version of Shellstock Tags you are using (Dot Matrix or Laser) and the model and type of printer you are using, and any error messages you are getting when you run our software.  

Please be aware we do not provide support for printers, printer drivers, or printer operations and setup, nor for computers or networks.  We only provide support for Shellstock Tags Software.