Yes! Simply print them as a batch. 

Let's say you have 3 different tags to print and you want to print 4 of each tag.  You set each tag up, enter 4 as the 'Print Quantity' for each tag, then use the 'Print All Tags' button to print them as a batch.  Be sure to have enough sheets of tags loaded in your printer for all the tags you want to print -- in this case, 2 full sheets of 6 tags.  The first four tags will print on the first sheet, then two of the second tag, two more of the second tag will print on sheet two, then all four of the third tag.

If you can't batch print tags in even multiples of 6, you will have a few un-printed tags left at the end of a batch run.  It's not a good idea to re-run short sheets through your printer, so you can set them aside to hand fill out in case you need to replace lost tags or for small orders.