If you have changed your company name, and are installing a new license with your new name on a computer that you have already installed a license on, there are extra steps you need to take to remove the old license and install the new license properly.

  1. Save a copy of your new VPL license file to your computer, and rename it  LSTags12.vpl for the Laser printer version, or  SSTags12.vpl for the Dot Matrix printer version. (Do not rename your original file! You might need it later.)  For instance, if you are using the Dot Matrix version of Shellstock Tags, and your license file is named MyCompany.vpl, copy it and rename the copy SSTags12.vpl.

  2. Make sure Shellstock Tags is not running on your computer.

  3. In Windows Explorer, browse to the program folder for Shellstock Tags (for example C:/Program Files/ Shellstock Tags 1.2/).

  4. Delete the two files that end in .vpl and .vplr in the program folder, this will remove your old license and it's registration file.
    For instance, for Laser Shellstock tags, delete the two files below:CAUTION!  Do NOT delete any other files!

  5. Now copy your new, renamed, license into the program folder to replace the ones you deleted.  (Just the one file.)

  6. When you restart Shellstock Tags, a new .vplr file will be generated, and your new company name should appear on your tags.

  7. As always, keep a copy of your new license in a safe place in case you need to reinstall it, or wish to install Shellstock Tags on another computer.