If you have a Dot Matrix Epson LQ590 or similar model printer, you might have difficulty printing multiple tags.  The printer will print the first tag fine, then skips the next 2 or three tags before printing another tag.  This is a problem with the Epson printer driver -- the software that runs the printer.  The driver has a hard-coded minimum page height of about 3.25 inches, but shellfish tags are only 3.00 inches high.  This means that the driver will not accept the shorter page height, and defaults to an 11 inch page height.  There are two ways to work around this issue:

Solution 1: Use a different printer driver.  Shellstock Tags users that have the XP Windows operating system find that using the 'Epson Compatible 24-pin' generic printer driver works well with Shellstock Tags Software.  For XP systems, the

'Epson Compatible 24-pin' and 'Epson Compatible 9-pin' printer drivers should be available in your systems printer  driver collection.  Since this generic driver doesn't work for newer operating systems, Windows Vista, 7 and 8 users might need to search for a different generic driver or a compatible printer driver that does not have a minimum page height that is greater than 3.00 inches.

If you don't know how to change your printer driver, please get with your local computer support person to find out how that's done for your operating system.

Solution 2:  Buy a different printer.  I recommend an Okidata Microline, but there are others that work as well --> Shop for Dot Matrix Printers on Amazon

If you have this problem on printers other than an Epson model, make sure your paper source in your printer driver is set to 'continuous', 'fan-fold' or 'pin-feed', and that the driver's minimum page height is 3.00 inches or less.